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Tinder’s “Nurse Nicole” doesn’t want to flirt, she must save your living

Tinder’s “Nurse Nicole” doesn’t want to flirt, she must save your living

By Leezel Tanglao

Summer 5, 2014 / 12:34 PM / CBS Reports

“nursing assistant Nicole” may possibly not be the partner that men on Tinder were anticipating, but she’s able to sustain some dreadful collection traces — all-in the expression of increasing consciousness about men’s room overall health.

“health professional Nicole” belongs to a social mass media strategy named games for Men’s fitness, which was released 2 weeks earlier by campaigns people Vince Mak and Colby lance in conjunction with men’s room Health thirty day period in Summer.

“the goal is develop a conversation about men’s fitness,” Spear told CBS headlines.

Compared with guy, women can be twice as able to visit their particular health care provider for annual checkup, based on the stores for problem Management and protection.

“Men discover when their unique automobile shouldn’t do effectively, even so they you should not often pay attention any time themselves say all of them it is time to visit a doctor,” Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni, medicine counsellor to Men’s medical internet believed in a reports production. The fits for males’s project is certainly not connected to the men’s room wellness community.