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Did Kit Harington AKA Jon Snow Bang a Russian Supermodel whom claims to own nudes of him?

Did Kit Harington AKA Jon Snow Bang a Russian Supermodel whom claims to own nudes of him?

Pardon me for a sec while we just just just take this picture to the uh, bathroom, for uh, further exam-urbation.

Bing her and you are going to get practically nothing from the hottie besides what is going on i the news headlines and modelling that is maybe 1-4 else is similar to other random Russian Olga’s. You understand once you google image yourself or some body you are close with’s name and like 15 photos of random ass others with similar name appear within the results? That is just just what it is like googling this chick…that’s exactly just just how maybe perhaps perhaps not famous she had been. Provides notes, aspiring people who wish to work with show business/ simply want a quarter-hour of fame.

Consider the noods aoth kinda appear to be Kit Harrington, however the complete human body picture could literally be any Caucasian guy by having a black colored beard and long hair….seriously, you cannot also make out of the face for the reason that one. In reality, once I look I don’t even think the guy in the 2nd photo looks anything like Harrington besides the facial hair at it for a while. In addition, Harington could make himself appear to be a totally various individual merely with a few locks treatment.

In the left is a photograph of Harington before popularity as he worked as an IT servant for the telemarketing center…………..allegedly (alleged by me personally needless to say).

Snow goes from Nerd to badass by having a bit that is little of. So when he cuts their locks to an even more conventional appearance, he sort of seems like a posh prick that we’d oftimes be jealous of as a result of their impact on females.